English Courses

  • General English
    The General English series aims at improving the four skills: Speaking, listening, writing and read-ing. In addition, this course helps learners widen their vocabulary range covering everyday topics and acquire grammatical accuracy in the best way.
  • Conversation
    The English conversation series aims at elevating practice level of lifting & speaking skills. By the completion of six modules, trainers are able to fluently converse. Furthermore, the course environment is highly interactive and full of fun.
  • Grammar
    The English Grammar series is a specialized set of elementary to upper intermediate students. The set covers structure, syntax & other logistic aspects. Besides, the material enables teachers to introduce grammar via interactive activities.
  • Business English The Business English series aims at helping students acquire the main skills needed to start a successful career including presentation skills, answering interview questions, conducting successful meetings and creating professional CVs.
  • Voice & Accent
    Your voice not only conveys your message, it can say a great deal about you. Like it or not, people make judgments based on the way you communicate; in short, your professional success will depend on your speaking skills. Our Voice Training program is designed for non-native speakers of English.
  • TOEFL & IELTS Preparation
    TOEFL and IELTS courses prepare learners to focus on the best strategies to handle test sections, e.g. reading, writing, listening and speaking. In other terms, learners thoroughly deal with many questions and answers which are identical to those provided in the real TOEFL and IELTS tests.



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